DB Longboards Vantage 36″ Maple Longboard Complete

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VERSATILE & NIMBLE: This compact freestyle cruiser board is at home anywhere. Drop-through mounting encourages stability while a short wheelbase keeps it nimble, enabling hard carving & quick turns
COMPLETE SETUP: This longboard comes assembled with everything you need to cruise the streets in style & comfort: Atlas 180mm Ultralight trucks, Cloud Ride 69mm Cruiser Wheels and Lightning Bearings
INSPIRED BY THE NORTHWEST: Our founding ideal is chasing adventure & riding the best boards possible, inspired by the hills, waves, beaches & mountains all around our headquarters in the Northwest

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DB Longboards Vantage 36″ Maple Longboard Complete

CLASSIC SURF DESIGN: With its classic surf design & handy kicktail, the Mandala is a versatile, ready-to-rip cruiser. The snappy cambered deck makes quick turning & pumping easy while the comfortable concave & wide platform keep you feeling secure.
CRUISE & CARVE: An ideal deck for cruising and carving, the DB Longboards Mandala feels playful under your feet as you roll through the summer sun fueled by nothing but positive vibes. Cruise smoothly through your commute on 60mm cruiser wheels.
INSPIRED BY THE NORTHWEST’S beaches, concrete & snow, DB Longboards’ founding ideal is: chasing adventure & riding the best boards possible. You’ll find our employees riding our boards on the hills, waves, beaches & mountains all over the Northwest
BEST IN THE WORLD: DB was founded with a mission to create the best custom longboards in the world. The factory has changed, but the mission remains the same: create amazing products, do it sustainably, & treat customers & employees like family.
BEYOND COMPARE: Our line of skateboards & accessories provide quality products that compare favorably to brands like Sector 9, Landyachtz, Arbor, Loaded, Globe, Orangatang, Hawgs, Powell-Peralta, Blood Orange, Paris, Caliber, Bear, Gullwing, Randal

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