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F2 Rodeo Freestyle Windsurf-Board 93 Liter 2019 Rodeo RIGG 4,4 QM

Amazon.de Price: ab 2.499,00  (vom 23/02/2020 12:15 PST- Details)
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F2 Rodeo Freestyle Windsurf-Board 93 Liter 2019 Rodeo RIGG 4,4 QM

F2 RODEO 2019 93 LITER + WINDSURF KOMPLETT RIGG F2 RODEO 2019 GRÖßE: 4,4 QM Board: 93 L Länge: 212,5 cm Breite: 62 cm Finbox: Powerbox Fin range: 15-20 Fin size: 18 Sail range: 3,4 – 5,4 Gewicht (+-6%): 6,1 KG – bottom shape developing from double concave into flat V for lively loose feeling and full slide control – moderate straight curves in bottom and outline combine early planning, fast accelleration and upwind abilities – balanced volume distribution for perfect handling in slides and optimal switch stance control – compact trim with reduced distances straps/tail for easy pop and straps/mast-base for instant fast rotations – double screwed plugs for stability and direct power transmission without twisting straps – advanced technical layup combines highest strength and durability with low board weight – special light footpads with perfect grip and soft straps give comfort and board control – short radical high performance G10 fin from Maui Ultra Fins (Style) Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung: 2199,-€ + F2 2019 WINDSURF SEGEL RODEO GRÖßE: 4,4 QM (komplett – inkl. Gabelbaum, Mast, Verlängerung, Aufholleine, Mastfuß) – minimum mast concept – short mast and boom concept – use of extremely durable sail cloth in luff and foot – ultra-light handling with lots of power to stand any new school trick – low trim power due to trim block big wheels – strap on to fix the rolled sail Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung: 599,-€

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