Loaded Boards Tarab Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

Amazon.de Price: ab 464,95  (vom 15/10/2019 21:15 PST- Details)

ADVANCED DANCING PLATFORM – The Loaded Tarab is a performance longboard created for dancing, freestyle, carving, and urban commuting / alternative transportation.
FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Large platform for uninterrupted footwork. Nose and tail kicks provide maximum leverage for advanced trickery. Rockered profile and comfortable concave create an ergonomic platform for longboard dancing and freestyle. Innovative composite construction uses vertically laminated bamboo and basalt for a lightweight, lively, and durable ride. Urethane-reinforced kicktails and UHMWPE rails protect against freestyle-inflicted damage. Cork top layer provides vibration damping.
TWO DISTINCT FLEXES – Damp and comfortable flex perfect for longboard dancing and freestyle. Flex 1 features an extra bamboo veneer for added stiffness and damping, while flex 2 is slightly lighter and noticeably more lively. Both flexes feature two truck-mounting options to accommodate a variety of riding preferences.