Rayne Longboards Crush 39″ Longboard Complete

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Rayne Longboards Crush 39″ Longboard Complete

Kill it on the downhill: Rayne longboards longboard decks have a vet-lam Speed-stiff bamboo core that’s stable at high speeds and a linear drop platform that keeps your feet Locked in place, making it ideal for downhill or freeriding.
Boards for every rider: Rayne longboards prides itself in producing longboards and accessories for every rider. Whether you grind, cruise, Carve, dance, slide, drift, freeride or downhill We’ve got the decks, wheels, pucks, Grip tape and gloves you need!
Eco-friendly quality: Rayne longboards is committed to creating the best, premium longboards and accessories from eco-friendly materials and processes. We use reclaimed, Recycled, or upcycled materials whenever possible, so you can keep your grind Green.
Premium longboards: Rayne is a premium manufacturer of longboard Skateboards for downhill, freeride, dancing, carving & freestyle Longboarding. At our North American factory we use the best Eco friendly MATERIALS to build the best longboards in the world.
Decked out longboards: see what makes a Rayne longboard a step above the rest by comparing Rayne products to brands like sector 9, , arbor, loaded, Moonshine, DB longboards

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