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Rayne Longboards Demonseed Longboard Complete

Amazon.de Price: ab 248,53  (vom 18/02/2020 09:15 PST- Details)

EASY RIDING: This board makes longboarding feel easy and look good with double-drop through mounting and a low platform that makes pushing a breeze. It’s ultra stable at any speed and ready to slide.
BOARDS FOR EVERY RIDER: Rayne Longboards prides itself in producing longboards and accessories for every rider. Whether you bumb hills, cruise, carve, dance or freeride, we’ve got what you need!
ECO-FRIENDLY QUALITY: We’re committed to creating premium longboards and accessories from eco-friendly materials and processes. We use reclaimed, recycled, or upcycled materials whenever possible.

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Rayne Longboards Demonseed Longboard Complete

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